The Omen: Daggers of Megiddo (new pics pg.8)


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Well, the care package from the Thorn Museum arrived today...

Outstanding job, ob1al - I've wanted one of these daggers for 30 years and the quality of your workmanship is just superb!

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I'm somewhat tongue-tied, but suffice to say a new Fox TV show is coming later this year and it's going to be amazing for any fans of the franchise.



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No worries.

Also, public SHOUT OUT to my homeboy CYBERMAN for his invaluable help in this project. Cheers bro!


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I had a set of pewter ones years ago that were ok. I sure hope these have better detail and have steel blades. The pewter ones bent so easily it was ridiculous. I look forward to seeing the final result on this project. If they turn out great... I hope you do a run of them.


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Hand forged steel blades, yup.

I finished the hero set of 7 this evening. Ironic prop to be working on at Easter....

No particular plans to do a run though.


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Here's a screen cap from 'The Final Conflict' and my latest (and I hope, best to date) set - a burning the candle at both ends, week plus of work.



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I wouldn't ask that much!

A new liver, maybe. ;)

Deal! :D I'm Irish... mine is no good to me at this stage. You can have it :D

By any chance could you inform me of the price the set was, and also the price of the singles? It would be greatly appreciated.
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