The City of Lost Children


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In 1998 I came across the movie "The City of Lost Children" released in1995. The story and visuals caught my imagination and I eventually constructed a panel of gauges similar to those that line the walls of the laboratory. The gauges can be seen in the picture with the antagonist "Krank". I wanted a bust of him to go along with the gauges but lacked the skills necessary to produce one. Forward to 2024 with 3D printing capabilities and I found a website by Dirk Wachsmuth who was also a fan of the movie. He had designed a 3D rendering of Krank, and was extremely generous in providing the files for a 3D print. I was able to 3D print parts to build a reasonable facsimile of the headpiece Krank wore in the movie. Here are the results.
I remember that I played the videogame first and was very excited to see the movie. But I never had the chance back in the 90s. So I watched it for the first time on DVD when it came out 2005. I was a little bit dissappointed from the plot, but the artwork and atmosphere of the movie were great.

But not really a good movie for collecting props or prop replicas. Nice to see some stuff from the movie... (y)
A friend introduced me to Jean-Pierre Jeunet movies back when I was a student and showed me the City of Lost Children on a ropy VHS video. When I was eventually able to acquire a copy for myself it had a terrible dub and no option to watch subtitled. I'll have to see if a better version is available now. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, the bust looks great!
This movie is so nostalgic to me!
We def need to see more props out of it!
I thought I remembered a post with someone working on the cyclops eyepiece. I searched and it was a post in 2017 - 2018 by cbcurtis. Not sure if any stl files or completed models were ever available.

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