The official miles morales build with my 12 year old...(pic heavy)..


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Heres a quick summary of the progress so far.

project start date NOV 9 2011

today my son and i went to the lair to pick our reserved copy of ultimate comics spiderman. premiering miles morales. the controversial new spidey whos half black and half spanish.

ive been talking about this project with him for months. i even tried to join forums to find a cheap easy solution to turning my son into miles morales.

but it was to no avail. the guys there r really talented. and i respect there work. but to try and get the secrets to makin the perfect suit from them was kinda hard. i spent alot of time on the forum learning and looking. and it has sparked my creative juices.

so as im looking for ref pics of the suit. i came up with the idea of doing the webbing, elbows, knees and eyes. but i can only really start the knees , elbows and maybe the chest spider.

NOV 10th....
today i received 5 sheets of 1mm foam sheets that i plan to use somehow on the miles morales build.

i have already drawn the shapes for the knee and elbow pads but only started on one of the elbows.

ok so the cutting didnt go as well as planed. while cutting with the scissors i learned to be careful with the cutting edge of the scissors. if you cut at an angle you will get an angled cut. i guess its a science that ill have to master in time.

all in all im happy with the end result of the elbow. now to sew it into some type of leathery material.....



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went out today and picked up the cushion fabric to wrap the 1mm elbow and knee pieces i have cut out, as well as the fabric thats gonna hold them into place and form the pads.


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sorry for my delay in posting... been kinda busy.

heres some progress...

ive sewn the cushion to the 1mm foam pieces. mind you... i have never sewn a day in my life. so i guess thats not bad.... right? lol

the markings on the pad pieces are for ref to the right elbow. they will be taken off later.

well thats it for now.. now time to learn how to sew with my moms old trusty machine. ttys.....


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I like how your doing the the suit Miles is wearing the very first time we see him as Spider-man, most builds I see are the black & red version. Go Uga go!!


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i couldnt sleep last night so i decided to finish the right elbow pad. hopefully tonight i will be able to do the rest of the pads. lets see what happens lol


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ok so i got lazy tonight. it was a long day. lol but i decided to start sketching the web pattern by hand before hookin em up in illustrator.


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@scotty.. im goin to use blue and red 4way stretch spandex. and as far as the webbing... i might do silk screen with a light puff. or i can always airbrush it. i really dont want to send it out. when i do the black and red version. imma consider sending the black to get the octagon pattern printed so i can do the red webbing by hand. now with the chest spiders, im going to cast them out of somethin jus dont know what yet. ill figure it out when i get there. lol


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sorry for being mia. i was moving and now finally got my internet and house in order. time to get back to work. @scotty15 hit me up with what u have in mind for the silk screen thing. ttys.....


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couldnt sleep last night or should i say this morning. any how... here some pics of the semi finished pads. all thats left for them is to wrap them in black fabric. and i would have to say... my sewing skills r much better than my first attemp at the sewing stuff lol
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