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Hey gang!

Starting my build log for The Man With No Name.

This projects been a bit all over the place, so I will update photos when I can get a minute to take better photos.

I started by blocking my hat. I've made several Indy lids, so I used the same block and used a rabbit felt capeline. I'm hoping to eventually remake this as there's a lot of stiffener in this felt, and Clint's is reallllly floppy. I tooled a passable band, but eventually want to tool a more accurate one.

The holster rig is going to go under some revisions (including correcting the stitching under the cartridge loops and reshaping the drop holster) but it's made in 7/8oz veg tanned and a chrome tanned for the cartridge loops (not worried about corrosion on a costume)

The revolver is a denix kinda navy colt. The rattlesnake grips are sure hard to fit! I'll probably redo these as well at some point but at the moment it's too expensive to reinvest in the rattlesnakes. I did polish the Denix with flitz polish and lacquered the grips which went a LONG way to making it look more realistic.

The vest...will also be redone . I'm happy with this one overall, but I've lost about 50lbs since using the shirt block I modified for the vest so it's too big. But it's a faux Sherpa and I stitched all the panel lines onto it with a super tight zig zag stitch.

The shirt is a real gem. I had a sample made by the folks that do my adventure shirts, and it came out great! I have an interest list going in the project runs.

The Amazon shirt looks good, don't get me wrong. But I wanted something that felt a little more real, so this is cotton Oxford cloth. The pockets are also a little less wall eyed.

Next up will be the spurs which I will source from tractor supply down the road.

The poncho will be tricky. I bought a wool army blanket, and I am going to try using a free sew foot on my machine to embroider it. But if it fails, I'm only out $20 for the blanket and thread.


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More details...


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