The official miles morales build with my 12 year old...(pic heavy)..

ok i havent added much descriptions lately, but heres where were at.. i made a pattern of his head and body and thanks to my good old singer and a few sewing videos on youtube here it is. still raw i will be making a screen using a 156 mesh since i will be using a puff additive to my black lines. and you really cant see the red spandex that will be under the jersey type fabric. and we cant forget the piping that has to be sewed into the edges of the red printed chest, and legs...wait till i tell you how i plan to do the spider.... your gonna love it. feel free to ask any questions and ill try to get back to you soon. o and i kinda fixed the pads in place more or less just as a mock up ok thats not how they are gonna stay...
i know ive been awa for some time.. it dosnt mean i have abandoned our lil project. lately ive just been perfecting my mask pattern to work with the face shell. im open to criticism so please feel free to leave it. lol o and the material im using to draw the lines is the white 4 way spandex from spandex world in the city. and a 2 way stretch jersey nit which i plan to back with a red spandex...( Spandex World Inc. spandex fabric, lycra stretch fabric ) i have several swatches from walkin around there show room. and the final mask is going to be silk screened with black puff paint on the red jersey nit. im making the puff with a black water based black ink by enviroline f. and a puff addituve to give me that raised lookk. but im not gonna OD on the puff . youll jus have to goin to be using a ratio of 90/10. 90 ink.. and 10 puff still workin... ok gotta work in the mornin ttyl.... peace.......
i forgot to add i revamped the chest webs and spider. im still trying to find a place that will water jet or my spider. if anyone knows please let me know... if not imma have to carve it out of some modeling clay i have layin around... i really wanna make a mold out of the spider so i can make it out of a silicone rubber. i hope i make sense to you. this is my first time trying this stuff. people say im crazy... i say f@#k it.. i hope i dont get in trouble for that sorry guys just a lil excited. ive also been workin with taylormcmanus. hope to post pics of that soon. gotta get his permission.. again peace out, be safe... the refreshment is my sons way of thankin me for the work im putting in on this. he put it in my favorite cup lol gotta love him.....
ok so i decided to make a glove while watching marvel mashup on my dvr. funniest thing ever made time fly bye... so heres some pics.... ok for some reason its not letting me add them brb
ok done sewing the gloves now time to work on some web lines. also a couple of pics of my lil home shop lol... and my miles actin stupid lol
ok i know im a lil off on description and i bounce all over the place but hey what can u do right? lol ok here in these pics youll see the miles print i got in from taylormcmanus and i did a quick sew and pin up just to get a feel for the pattern b4 i redo it the 100 right way. i had to reinforce the sew lins so ithey could show oon the opposite side for sewing cause i really didnt have a good guide. im still working on perfecting the 1st miles spiderman costume just had to make a few tweeks..
Ugameenough, so you are a professional silk screener? that suit is a top notch job, I would have tought is sublimation, its an excellent work.

That looks really great! Miles Morales' suit es a very good design, and you seem to have translate it to reality very well, I look forward to see it finished.

I've done some silk screening in my college years, but one or two inks max.

Maybe now I'm a little out of touch with the technique, but as I recall you could do some very dense ink layering with silk screening... Maybe it could be used to raise a little some details in the suit, as the webbing and so, something like MCl34N is doing with puff paint in his rendition of the "Amazing Spiderman" suit.

Please, forgive any misuse of the language, Im not a englihs speaking native.

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wonderboy_1974.... shhhh lol silk screeners secret. the work on the miles is my boys taylormcmanus. i plan on silk screening the webbing but on my own matte black spandex. i still have a few tweeks to work out but ill b ok lol
Great stuff!

I'm so impressed by folks that can do this type of sewing project... I'd be at a total loss if I tried to construct a suit like this. :facepalm

I guess I'll just sit back and continue to enjoy watching your progress. :):thumbsup
@indy.. thanks that means alot comin from you. i think? lol im a big fan of your work. he i could really use your help on a couple of things.... pm me if you can...r
the suit looks awesome. so what kind of material is that. also im new to all this if you wouldnt mind explaining whats the difference between silk screening and dye sub i honestly have no clue like i said im new to this and want to learn. thank you for your time

Screen printing involves making a black and white hardcopy of the print image on a vellum paper or transparent film. Next a screen is selected and coated with a UV sensitive emulsion. The hardcopy is then placed on the screen and exposed in ultraviolet light for about 3.5 minutes. Once exposed the screen is power washed removing the emulsion hidden by the black image on your hardcopy, then the screen is placed in a rack to dry.

Now you can finally start the screen print process.
for each color in your design, there will be a separate screen needed.
the screen is loaded onto the actual screen printing turnstyle and the non print areas are masked off with tape. Ink is then loaded onto the screen evenly across the top of the design.
The garment is loaded onto the pallet and the screen lowered onto the garment. Next pull the squeegee from top to bottom applying even pressure. The ink will transfer thru the open mesh area and onto your garment.
Finally the garment must be ran thru the curing oven to dry. There is still a lot more involved in screen printing, but you get the idea!

A lot of work to print a one color shirt design.

Sublimation printing is a digital process transfer type printing.
The art is created in say Corel or Photoshop. Next the transfer is printed in reverse image on a special transfer paper suited for the substrate you are printing on. Next the transfer is placed image down on the substrate in a heat press at 400 degrees F for 15-60 seconds(Dependent upon the substrate). The transfer paper is removed and the item cooled. That is basically it! Sublimation inks are actually a dye that switches to a gas form at 400 degrees f and adheres to a special poly coating on the substrate. This coating is the key to this process.

Another alternative is the direct to garment printer. It works the same as sublimation but without the transfer paper process. It too requires heat to cure the inks.

hope that clears it up for you.....
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