Unlimited Run The Mandalorian Imperial Super commando helmets


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Hello, I’m going to be be doing a run of Imperial Super commando helmets. They will be cast in high impact polyurethane resin for durability. If you have had one of my kits before you know I do my best to produce clean kits with out lumps, warts or imperfections. I try to send them off needing as little work as possible to get to painting. Greeblies will be pressure cast separate for best quality and easier painting. A kit will include a visor and will be $175 usd plus shipping. I am also offering fully painted helmets. They will be painted in high quality paints sprayed through a hvlp gun for best results. It will be cleared with a very high quality 2k high impact clear coat. This stuff is much more durable than the stuff on our cars, it is made stronger to be used on motorcycle helmets and goalie helmets. It’s literally designed to take slap shots to the face, so it should hold up really well for trooping or look great on display. Painted helmets will be $400 plus shipping.


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