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Hey all! I recently completed a couple of Din Djarin IB94 blasters from The Mandalorian and wanted to see if there was any interest in a run of blasters?

These are 3D printed in resin and carefully painted with film industry techniques. Each blaster is based in chrome with Alumaluster, so all the scratches and where you see the black worn away is real and not done topically. The grips are machined of real wood and a metal rod runs though the barrel. The blaster does not have any moving parts or function.

Each blaster would also included a stunning display stand made of black and clear acrylic, made by Darklyte Customs. He’s working on the prototype now, but I added an images of some of his past work so you can get an idea of what it would look like.

Price for this run would be $400usd with free US shipping (includes blaster and stand), and due to the nature of the prop I cannot ship internationally. The run would be limited to 10, including the two I’ve already made. One of these is my personal blaster as well, so only 9 would be available for sale.

Please let me now if you’d be interested by replying to this thread. Thanks!

IB94 1.jpg
IB94 2.jpg

IB94 3.jpg
IB94 4.jpg

IB94 5.jpg
IB94 6.jpg

IB94 7.jpg
IB94 8.jpg

IB94 9.jpg
IB94 10.jpg

IB94 11.jpg
IB94 12.jpg

IB94 13.jpg
IB94 14.jpg

IB94 15.jpg
IB94 16.jpg

IB94 17.jpg
IB94 18.jpg

IB94 19.jpg

Stand Style Examples

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