The Exorcist Pazuzu Statue


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I was trying to find any info about the making of the large statue of Pazuzu used in the original Exorcist. I skimmed through the "making of" documentaries and searched around the web didn't really find anything. The imdb credits are very scarce to try and find any sort of lead. Only thing I found was an article that said the statue was made by WB and got lost when it was shipped to Iraq to film the opening scene and ended up in Australia. These were the only behind the scenes photos I could find of the statue. One on location and the other on set in the bedroom.

Anyone ever come across info on who designed it or if there are any photos of the actual statue in existence during its build?



Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 12.23.14 PM.png
The original statue will be on display at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour this Friday the 13th as part of an "Exorcist" book signing. Check their site.

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