The Chosen of Tzeentch. [Just getting started]


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From the first day I built my Warhammer chosen army I wanted to do this armor. The time has come to put aside wants and actually build this up.

For people not familiar this is the model I will work off of.

I have started on the helmet but am wondering about the actual armor. I thought about crafting the armor from anti static mats but worry it will be damaged from the pieces rubbing against one another. Is there a way to reinforce them? I notice once they get a dent, it doesn't recover like ordinary foam would.
Have you considered using styrene or something similar? Seems like lots of the folks that build the 40k armor use that. I'm not particularly experienced with any of it though, so just a thought.
Ya, it was actually my first choice. Just maybe thinking of a cheaper route since I would have to get really thick styrene. Expanded sintra maybe?
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