The Book of Boba Fett

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They seem to have forgotten everything they ever learned about that armor during the OT and PT. 1) The knees work better flipped the other way -- especially paired with boots like those. 2) Jango's flight suit had slits for the leg and knee armor straps to feed through, hidden by the plates. They got a good grip around something less slippy, and the slits kept the flight suit where it was supposed to be, without riding up or sagging. Hard and soft goods working together to hold each other in place.

Stormtrooper (all types) and Mandalorian armor work best when the attachment/carrier apparatus is well thought out and overengineered. Otherwise, things get saggy, flappy, pieces move around... It's a mess.

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I think it’s just the reality of Temuras age and body type. He doesn’t have the same body type as OT Boba and his age probably prevents him from even getting into his Jango shape. So I get the robes and other changes. I thought his Mando look was good, but the changes I’ve seen for BoBF look way worse imo. I don’t get it.

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