The Big Lebowski Costume Thread


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excellent i just bought a pair.. ill show them when ill get them.. cheers !
Cool! Any idea when they will arrive? Look forward to your feedback on this brand. I know the La Meduse site kind of poo-poo'd on other knock-off Sun jellies .. but I guess that's to be expected with competition.

Now to go buy some V-neck Jockey t-shirts and search a few Goodwills for hoodies and plaid shorts ..


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Thanks for the video! Those look pretty good to me. Good to hear they are actually comfortable too. I wonder if the blueish color will fade like someone mentioned. Of course Jeff Bridges' real sandals have turned to that brownish color .. maybe just wearing them everywhere will help.

Speaking of his sandals - in this Conan clip you can see the buckles pretty well and they are white (fast-forward to about 4:15)


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Wearing them will color them, but it's more about a time thing and how the plastic will eventually yellow on its own. The pair I bought about 6 years ago has a bit of a yellow tinge to them already, while the pair I bought last year still has the bluish look, which isn't really that noticeable, by the way, when someone asked about that earlier; you'll mostly notice it in photos and light that's directly on them.


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Hey Dave are you planning on going to the fest this year. I went to Louisville last year and I'm just not sure about making it to LA. Looks like quite a few from the movie are going to be there.


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Heya Dudes.

I completely spaced on posting some of the photos from a shoot I did last summer. We tried to recreate a few shots, including the DVD cover photo. Unfortunately, that shot was the last shot of the day and my hair was going flat (I had it all puffed out from sea salt hair product and light hair spray). We went to a local retro-styled bowling alley and shot for a couple of hours before the place started to fill up, including a few shots from behind the bar.

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These are great!