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Hey guys! Here's a quick update from Paragon FX Group.

"Just confirming a few details about "The Batman - Chest Glyph"

* This is a 1:1 (full-size) replica
* It is made of metal.
* It can actually be separated in the middle
* It will be limited to 750 pieces

You'll definitely want to make sure you are on the reserve list 1:1 Replica Bat Glyph for this piece; it will move quickly at just 750 pieces. There have been a number of requests from people asking if they can go ahead and order (pre-order this replica)

A reserve system will be launching soon for all merch that has a good, solid landing date. We get it. If you do not want to chase these things on the secondary market, you will be able to go ahead and reserve them for just 10% down. This is fully refundable at any time should you get itchy! The goal is to make this easy.

While Paragon has zero interest in tying up anyone's cash by way of a traditional full pre-order, it has become apparent that there are some of you who want to know they've reasonably secured a piece that's likely to come and go pretty fast once it's landed.

BUT, until then, join the interest list and you'll get a heads up before everyone else when you can lock things down.

A couple proto pics to hold you over:






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Okay, starting to panic a little with that edition size.

I hope the current interest list is lower than the edition size!


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Trying to clue you guys in, first! Since no pre-orders were taken on anything, people are still finding their way to Paragon. It's a new thing to most!
RPF has been updated before anyone else but exposure is picking up! Join that interest list because the reservation option will open soon. (y)


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So BBTS is officially getting some? I don’t want to sit around with a preorder from them and then suddenly get cancelled on.


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Is it just me or has accuracy been sacrificed for the gimmick? The ends that connect look stumpier than the real thing, especially those nonfunctional belt clips. The fake clips are shorter on the closed ends.

Also, is it diecast? Those screws look fake and cast into the thing. They've lost detail.


Is it just me or has accuracy been sacrificed for the gimmick? The ends that connect look stumpier than the real thing, especially those nonfunctional belt clips. The fake clips are shorter on the closed ends.

Also, is it diecast? Those screws look fake and cast into the thing. They've lost detail.


The clips really bother me as well. They even have the hole pattern upside down; they should extend further on the bottom row instead of the top, at least from the display suit.


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Some hard choices the Factory Entertainment one looks like two kids got rocks and beat the crap out of it. The display case is a nice touch but I don’t recall them mentioning materials used. Dang it decision…L!


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Hey Gang,

A couple thoughts on props and prop replicas in general.

For those of you who don't know. Multiples of the same prop are often made for any given production.
Sometimes it takes several versions of a given prop to create the illusion of magic!

Stunt pieces may differ from hero pieces and through necessity may be altered to fit countless scenarios.
That's why when we as collectors/builders ultimately see a particular piece in the wild, it doesn't always make sense
outside of its intended universe.

As for this piece, I'll just punctuate what's already noted in the description. Files were provided directly from
production and printed as such. Simple as that.

If you're seeing something different than a random screen cap suggests, perhaps you're looking at a stunt piece or a
prop that was altered to fit a particular scenario. As for hole patterns not matching random shots and things seemingly
cut short, etc. I'll just politely say, see above.

Again, I'm terribly limited in how much I can engage here, so I'm hoping what bread crumbs I've left may help a little.



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I mean, heck, the suit symbol makes no sense compared to the hand prop.
The suit version is folded slightly at the wings and curved to follow the curves of the chest. It also does not appear to have any connecting point in the middle.
The version of the suit glyph that he is seen removing and replacing has some kind of mysterious connecting point in the center that appears to permanently affix the halves together in a single position.
The hand prop version appears to be completely flat like the Paragon version and not folded at the mid-points of the wings and once again, affixed in a permanent position that matches the suit version. I can't remember of any instance where it is seen connected flush, end-to-end like in the prototype photos above though.

There are three different observable versions right there.


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Pre-ordered at BBTS.

The only thing I see that I am not nuts about is those molded belt clips. The "Hero" version's are not molded so I hope that is just a prototype thing. Fingers crossed.

Mr Mold Maker

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I hope the clips are like the initial photos shown, having them sliced off looks awful. If the screws are soft, missing detail, they can be drilled out and real screws inserted… but that clip would be a deal breaker for me.


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Love reading the current discussion because it's all stuff I was thinking about during my rewatch as well.
Development and production seems to have produced various iterations of this item that may not have necessarily made it to the final screen.
Even the movie itself appears internally inconsistent about whether the two halves separate or not. Different props and different needs produce different results.

As far as my eyes could tell, during the movie the batarang never folds straight, the two pieces don't separate from each other (despite the connector piece seemingly vanishing while attached on the chest), and the wings remain curved following the shape of the chest even while in-hand (never noticed a scene clearly depicting them flattening out, but you can see a scene with them remaining curved in Batman's hand in NZ17's above post).

But obviously they must have been experimenting with various ideas and iterations, and due to the necessities of manufacturing provided official reference and files that may not necessarily match what eventually appeared on screen in the final edit. We see it with toy production all the time, earlier iterations making it to shelves. Factory Entertainment seems to have been hit hardest by this because their replica is locked into a position that doesn't even seem to appear at all on-screen. The Zavvi Exclusive Dust batarang fared a bit better with a center connector holding them in the correct position. The WB Studio Store version did the same. Meanwhile Paragon FX appears similar to how it does when worn on the chest, like when in the movie it loses the center connector. However none of these replicas are curved along the chest.

The manufacturers are working off the reference they were sent and the movie itself isn't even consistent, as is often the case.
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One last bit of info and I've done all I can do on this one, gang.

The prop was 3D printed. The screws, clips, etc. are all part of the file. What you see is directly from the production file.

As another has already pointed out, the glyph is actually curved in the suit and appears flat, later. Movie magic!
There's a lot of that happening here and it adds to the confusion. Same thing with the prop seen in it's horizontal configuration.

The end-nibs (for lack of a batter word) on the back of the clip vanish in this configuration. The two ends could not be brought flush without the mod. This was present on the original and can be seen in the video below.

See the 0:32 mark of this video where the property master discusses the prop and literally holds it up in this configuration:


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