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Here's my latest. The rocket seen in the film "The Angry Red Planet". I liked this film, an entertianing 'B' movie from the 50's.

Fresh out of the casting machine this morning, the model was cleaned up with some minimal sanding.
I painted the whole thing with white primer - then masked off the areas for a light silver paint. Then -at this point- i painted one side of the engine covers with bright red.
All this by 5 pm! The model is about 9.5" tall.
3rd photo is the three engine bells and the nose 'spike' - which is simply a tooth-pick cut in half.


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Digressing a bit but it always trips me out a little these classic movie rockets depicted so quaintly landing on their tails ends up how things are actually turning out.
Just mounted the engine bells, and painted the area 'light gun metal' with a very heavy coat. The 'bleeding' is deliberate - you'll see later.
I added a black band at the base of the nose cone made from 1/32" wide black Chartpak tape. nice & clean!
I found a very small American roundel decal in my stash. this will be apllied last.
At this point i am waiting for paint masks from a friend for the dark blue areas, that could be a couple of weeks. Attached is the paint guide i derived from photos of the filming model.


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