TESB Probe Droid Dispatch Pod LR232


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I also wanna be a part of the "Pod-head" gang :lol


Hope to progress a bit tonight. Still need to get the Platruct and JPS mkIII parts

Awaiting the 5th 223 for the LR223 .. Will start that project sometime next week
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Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

You're off to a great start :thumbsup.
Working on my 223 as we speak.

Thanks mate

Your, Lee's, Allan's, Jason's, Julien's and Marvin's buildups have been a great source of inspiration for me. Have most of your threads in print for inspiration/reference
Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

I must say, those seams look pretty damn nice!

Yep you can't beat inspiration like that! Standard practice for me is to put the soundtracks on in the background :)

Looking forward to you next steps.

Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

At this rate we'll have enough to literally ship them out to every planet in the system :lol. Great work.

Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

Thanks guys .. this is a cool, little project .... Love it so far .... gonna order the Plastruct parts in a day or two
I've ordered parts at both Plastruct and EMA for 3 different projects now. Can't wait to get the parts

Small Update (need one more 232 grill)
Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

Better pic


Started detailing the butt-section .. Need to score one more 232 grill .... and a 1/12 JPB mkIII

Next will be making the front coverplate and detail that ... shouldn't take to long.
The current state:

The front is ready for primer. The enginesection awaits the last 232 grill, before I can attach the remaining parts. Oh and the fact, that I still need to find a mkIII
Re: TESB Probe Droid Despatch Pod LR232

Today I received the remaining 8-rad grill, which was kindly donated by RI member captain az.. Thanks mate

I was then able to finish the outer rim of the rearsection

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