Teaser: My new lightsaber "working" blade


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Back from the dead! Here is a sneak peek of the new sound module I am almost finished with:

Size will be around the same dims as our ver 2 driver board (1" x 2"). So you will be able to house the unit in a myriad of hilts, even smaller diameter ones!

I added some more code for the ignition/retraction logic and added the force/strike sounds like we already have on the bluetooth version. The pitch shifting of the hum sound is also working based on saber tilt. Swing and clash sounds also work great. All of the parameters to tweak the board settings are controlled via a file on the micro SD card.

I hope to get a demo movie of it working when I get some free time here in the next day or so. I made some slight design mods and have a second proto being manufactured now to test it out. If everything works out that should be the final proto so I can move on to making them.

I am also adding more code to the board every day. The final app is taking shape!

Here is a teaser pic:


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Final boards have been ordered! Parts just came in today. I hope the boards come in from the manufacturer by early next week. After this they will be assembled.

Here is a pic of the final proto board - dims: 2" L x 1"W

I have the following features implemented:
1. microSD sound storage playback (FAT or FAT32 compatible formatting)
2. Uses standard wav files with multiple sample rate support - no need to use clumsy formatted audio files.
2. Can specify multiple swing sounds, clash sounds, strike sounds, hum, multiple on and off sounds
3. Random playback or order specified playback.
4. Optional startup boot sound
5. 1W amplifier onboard w/ volume control
6. Programmable accelerometer based motion detection for swings, clashes, force strikes
7. Programmable auto pitch shift for hum based on saber orientation
8. Force feedback vib motor with programmable speeds
9. Custom software tool to create seamless sound templates with a config file
10. Clash output will synchronize blade effects with sounds (using our driver)
11. Can use momentary or latching switch for on/off triggering (programmable).
12. All settings are programmable and stored on SD card.

I will work on some other features, like the deflection aux input, after I get caught up with some other projects.

I will try and get a video up when I can showing the major features. Many of them were inherited from my older sound board and bluetooth sound board so they will seem familiar.

I've made a couple sound templates from scratch using the free software tool and I really like the seamless mixing it created.


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What do you mean luxeon compatible? You can already use the sound board standalone or with whatever driver you like. It just requires power and an input on/off switch to make the basic features work.


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Hmm, I guess I'm just confused what with the led string connector and all. How would one mod this to simply connect/solder a Lux LED?

Or would you simply need a separate driver for the LED?


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You would need a driver for the luxeon LED or just simply use a power resistor with the luxeon connected to a battery. It all depends what you are making.

You can share the battery between the lux and the sound board. All you would need to wire up is a common switch to turn them both on and off together...


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I think I get what you're saying, I'm useless w/o diagrams, though. :lol