Superman V Batman - MOS Build Replica

Very impressive work here.

Are you using metallic paints here? It's a bit difficult to tell with the lighting since that can tend to flatten out colors.
I went to JoAnn's yesterday and ran across a fabric called Red Gabardine. It had the pattern of the sample fabric pic posted but it was red and quite light. Not sure if it helps but wanted to chip in some info.
OK I'm back after some work, I have updated the shield to make it the MOST accurate out there modeled after birds eye reference from the book. At first I wondered should I bother but then my curiosity got the better of me to see how close my original version got to it. Well it was pretty close with basically the pattern being the biggest difference. I did however keep this as normal as for the most part people won't be Screen Printing the Yellow part onto the costumes but incase people want it I do have this new final version which has been matched at 100%

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