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Heya Guys,

Recently been working hard on the new MOS costume from Batman VS Superman. Cast still needs painting and refining and it's holiday season so I'm waiting for stuff to come in the post but better pictures are to follow.

Merry Xmas.


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Thanks pal!

- - - Updated - - -

Nice. What are the measurements? The new shield is squished down a little compared to the mos one

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Ok just measured it, 32cm across. The new shield is more squished and in fact quite different, upon first look though it appeared it was just the glyph addition which was all that changed.
Some new paints have come and I have been testing,

I did happen to make the shield from 2013 Man of Steel but never got around to finishing it so here it is side by side.

ALSO you will see Soles for the shoe that I created back in 2013 etc.

It terms of coloring there is currently no dark shadow on the emblems but after these new inks come I should add it and be happy with the result.

Also a vid of it in action -



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Yea it's much more squished. The top right is skinnier and top left. Top inside and lower inside of s are squished

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Hi yes, I have achieved that, in the pictures previously posted there is two types of painting I experimented with. The 2013 had the metallic paint on it only and the lighting was not perfect. 2016 had a mixture I was experimenting with.
Nice work man. May I ask if you are still doing the red soles? You say you also did shoes; Are you still doing them?
Getting a MOS suit from Masked Rider and I saw yours.... Perfect!! Wouldn't mind a couple of new symbols too!

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