Superman V Batman - MOS Build Replica


I have two set available for immediate sale, One has been unpainted so could be a new JUSTICE LEAGUE, silver version if needed. both in medium size. Can be posted out next week. Cheers
@silkscreener Where did you find examples of the Kryptonian text, you seem to of had them for quite a while given there hasnt been much reference out there?

I'm curious about this myself when it comes to the shield. I recently resorted to deciphering it myself with a cutout of the cereal box and info from The problem now is putting it into a workable file. Would love to know how you go it and if it's possible to get a digital version it.
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Picture to show the detailed coloring -

- - - Updated - - -

I used pictures reference provided on the net and manipulated them to be able to see the detail that was not easily seen.
Latest Shield Version -


  • Justice League MOS shield_m.jpg
    Justice League MOS shield_m.jpg
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