Riddler animatronic build


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Has anyone attempted to create a replica of this guy? I remember as a kid I wanted one so bad
I would honestly be curious if anyone offers just the jacket and hat! Seems no one (to my knowledge) does the Carrey Riddler jacket/hat (film accurate ones, I mean). The jacket is interesting in that it has a Mandarin collar and the buttons are the dots on the question marks! Always thought that was a brilliant touch (and wish he wore the hat/jacket more in the film). A recreation of this prop would be dope to see!
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Oddly shaped bowler hat for sure.

Inever noticed the buttons as the questino mark dots! So cool.






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Yes! The SHAPE of the hat is impossible to find. It would not surprise me if it was custom done for the film. The shoes are interesting, too. Barfly Creepers, I think they're called. The costume design in Batman Forever is severely underrated. I'm working on a recreation of Two-Face's main costume and, boy, you don't really notice the details until you pour over them for research over and over! Bob Ringwood's work on all the early Bat-films is just spectacular.

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