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Hi Everyone,

These are the SuperKingdom Boots i made at TillyFX.

Two versions were made, the lighter one where the red is "cleaner" and the second one where they are darker and a little bit weathered.

Cópia de Modelo Cartaz - 1.png

Cópia de Modelo Cartaz - 2.png

Cópia de Modelo Cartaz - 3.png

Cópia de Modelo Cartaz - 5.png

Cópia de Modelo Cartaz - 4.png

They were made inspired by Brandon Routh's Superman from the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover on CW.

These boots pay tribute to Routh's version, especially by the Kingdom Come style he played.

They have a cool design with red soles, just like Superman's famous red boots.

Made from Genuine Leather, these boots are tough and comfy.

What are your thoughts about them?
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