1. Jake Kassnoff

    Kryptonite Batarang

    This was actually inspired by an episode of robot Chicken:
  2. BossThreads

    Classic Comic Accurate Superman

    Tunic, leggings and belt are from Dream Props Cape and boots are from Action Costumes
  3. silkscreener

    Superman MOS Justice League Emblem Shields

    Hi All, I will be selling these at new price of at $140 Tracked worldwide Choice of- Red+ Blue & Black+Silver in- Man of Steel 2013 version (large) Dawn of justice 2016 ( large and medium) Justice league 2017/2021 version ( large only for now) Versions THE LATEST VERSION 3 is in with...
  4. LtPinkerton

    Want to Buy WTB Superman returns props

    Looking for screen used or replica props from Superman returns. Pretty much anything.
  5. G

    Superman Red Son Suit Quarantine Craft!

    During the time of social distancing, great time to work on cosplay! Am I right?! Do to lack of toilette paper in my community i've decided not to go with my first choice, the mummy. Inspired by the new Superman : Red Son animated movie (inspired by the comic of the same name) and my love for...
  6. silkscreener

    Superman MOS Justice League Shields $140 Each- Limited*

    Hi All, I will be selling these at new price of at $120 +Tracked shipping cost at around £12 worldwide Choice of- Red+ Blue & Black+Silver in- Man of Steel 2013 version (large) Dawn of justice 2016 ( large and medium) Justice league 2017/2021 version ( large only for now) Versions THE...
  7. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  8. supgreg

    WTB Superman Crystals

    Looking for Superman crystals from hydin’s Runs. Specifically looking for clear ones in like new condition. PM me if you can help.
  9. C

    Super Girl build

    Take two cause spot the newbie! I posted on the wrong thread haha. i have been working on a Super Girl for the last few months. It was originally meant to be my cheaper, back up costume but I (legitimately) have OCD and was totally kidding myself. I didn’t want to pick from one particular...
  10. bigdaz

    Want to Buy WTB: Man of Steel emblem and suit material

    Looking to do a display for a friend and need a Man of Steel emblem and a piece of suit material to mount it to. Both to be high quality and as screen accurate as possible. Cash waiting for the right quality pieces. Thanks - Darren
  11. Fly4v

    RIP Margot Kidder :cry
  12. BossThreads

    Clark Kent's backpack from Superman: The Movie

    Looking for help identifying the maker of the backpack that Clark Kent (Jeff East) uses on his trek north. It's similar to a lot of vintage military/hiking bags but I can't seem to find an exact match. Thanks
  13. P

    Bringing valuables (wallet/ phone) with me to a convention while in cosplay?

    Hi, if you are dressing up as Flash or Superman, or any capeless superhero. How would you bring your wallet and phone to a convention, while you are in a pocketless spandex suit? If I'm doing a Batman, Bat-family related cosplay, I could hide/ place those valuables in pouches of the utility...
  14. Dan Efran

    handmade Superman crystals

    One of the first props of which I ever wanted a replica was the green crystal from Superman (1978). Along with a handful of the clear crystals to go with it. They're such pretty props, and fairly important to the plot at various points. After wanting them for almost four decades I decided it...
  15. Il Princerino

    Looks like another "new" suit for Superman

    Well, looks like Superman has, once again, taken a giant step back and started wearing his underwear on the outside again. I, for one, am genuinely upset about this. I was really digging the Rebirth look. Finally we had a costume that retained the classic iconography, while still being modern...
  16. T

    Justice League Motherbox replica?

    Anyone been working on a motherbox replica from Justice League? If so, post some pictures! I'd love to see them. I also had a question about the props. After their "shells" come off, anyone know what the material the bare motherbox resembled? It looked like some pattern or material I've seen...
  17. K

    Help with American alien costume

    I want to make a superman costume based around the one that appears in the final issue of Superman: American Alien. My problem is that while the suit seems to be mainly made up of sports armor, I’m not sure, and was hoping someone might be able to clear up what type of sports gear he is wearing...
  18. hydin

    Limited Run New prototype run for Superman crystals, Payments due!

    Edit - 11/11 If my count is correct, we are at 32! That means $45 a crystal if everyone pays! Taking payments now, since I think we are at the max for the run (interest wise). Paypal is, feel free to send it as a regular payment or as a gift. Shipping will be paid when they...
  19. Jake Kassnoff

    How to Make Kryptonite

    Here it is!
  20. S

    Faora's Armor 2017 - Man of Steel

    Hello. I wanted to share how my Faora armor is coming along and wanted to thank the many folks on this site that helped by posting their pictures of their armor. Mine is mostly EVA foam, but I used thermo-plastics on the boots and thigh pieces to make them sturdy. This is my first attempt using...
  21. Indy Magnoli

    Unlimited Run Flash/Arrow/Batman/Superman Drivers Licenses (customizable)

    We just finished this drivers license replica as seen in the last season of The Flash: So... we made a few more pieces to complete the set: These can be ordered as shown above for $15 each, or fully customized (your own photo, information, etc) for $45. The set of four (as seen above)...
  22. S

    Superman is In...... For Justice League 2017

    I recently go through a video of Justice league recent trailer on youtube which in last shows Presence of Superman in Justice League. Have a Look and Do Share Your Thoughts. <span style="font-family: Arial">
  23. silkscreener

    Limited Run Justice League MOS Superman Dawn Of Justice Emblem Shield + Trim

    Hi All, I will be selling these Justice League MOS Superman Dawn Of Justice Emblems at $160. Painted in Silver. Including 5-7 day Shipping to the United States, other destinations and I will have to add extra if its necessary. Free shipping also in the UK. It measures at about 230 x 340 mms...
  24. Mike J.

    Clark Kent - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    "Kent? Where the hell is Kent? Where did he go? Where does he go?" Got it into my head to put together a Clark Kent BvS DoJ costume, for some reason I can't really remember. I suppose he's the fictional character I could most easily pass for on any given day. The particular Clark outfit I'll...
  25. B

    MoS General Zod bodysuit from shape wear/ compression clothing help.

    Hi guys and girls. I am needing some help with a General Zod suit. I only want to make the body suit / tights thingy that he wears for most of Man of Steel. I don't want the armour as I already have a huge BumbleBee suit that I wear for kids charity stuff. I also have T5 Megatron just around...