Suggestions for a custom blaster


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Hey there,
I found this awesome Sheridan PGP paintball gun from the 70s or 80s for $30. I bought it cause it already looks like a Star Wars blaster and it was cheap. It's all metal save for the grips. I just think the thing looks rad. I cleaned it up a little, now I want to hear what to do with it it make it a little more swarzy. I don't really want to drill into the thing since it's so gorgeous but I'd love some ideas.

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It’s very interesting looking piece. Definitely could see it hanging in the Madalorian’s weapons rack.

Here are my thoughts.
IMHO, I dislike over use of greebles. Less is more. I would use just enough to hide markings.

The circle on the grip is a great place for a personal emblem.

I think the top cylinder is too much. Can that be removed? If not, maybe add some end to it and try to disguise it as a scope or other targeting device.

The barrel looks good as is but if you do add a muzzle, I BEG YOU... please don’t use an existing design. I get it the a lot of builders have extra Solo muzzles from old projects sitting around but it has been done to death on custom blasters.

If you have the ability to do or get 3D printed items, I think it would help in most the suggestions I made.

I look forward to seeing what you do. Good luck.


Don’t know how far along this got, but literally yesterday I finished a custom blaster build around a full metal air soft pistol.

What I did was I ended up going to the Custom Saber Shop and looking at screws for detail, like knobs and little hex screws and things. I bought the ones I wanted and chose a BB gun scope mounted it to a broken serger (sewing machine) plate with hose clamps and pop rivets. I used a sanding wheel on a dremel to remove the metal material to help the serger plate lay flat. I then did a LOT of drilling and taping and eventually had a really solid scope mounted to the side of the pistol.

I was super happy with this result and I’m really really happy with the feel of it. It comes in at about 2 1/2 pounds, and I’m still looking for a DL-44 flash hider to go on the front here which only means more weight. I really wanted it to feel like how the actors described the props of the original trilogy: hobbled together, heavy, clunky, weathered, and fitting to the universe.

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