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  • I just saved like $10 on a genuine bone folder and saved myself from the weird constant thought that it's a bone. (even though leather is skin, only the bone bugs me) I just carved the basic shape out of fresh wood and sanded it round on the edges up to a 2,000 grit, and its beautiful, and SO SMOOTH!
    It's official: I've gone too far on the search for leather working knowledge. I just found a guy on eBay who sells horse butt leather. And that's literally all he sells. for $30 a pop. I'm scared.
    Throughout this project I think I learned more about gun wielding America than I EVER needed to. Though I don't know what I expected when I type up things like "Non invasive pistol modification" or "Quick draw leather holster". At least I got what I was looking for..?
    Drafting holster templates is fun but BOY do I hate drawing and re drawing and doing it agian twice for a third time to get that one little line just right. Couldn't George have just made the holsters look like junk to make it easier???
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Hello there!

My name is Will, I’m a prop maker living in Seattle, Washington. I have in intense love of film in every aspect, from direction, to music, to screenwriting, and of course both props and costumes. In school I work with the theatre department every day for 2 periods out for 6 doing both stage craft and costuming, which are by far my favorite parts of the day. I one day hope to get a career in the industry hopefully working on props for the Star Wars films.

I have been building props since I was 12 with my friends for short films we liked to make, and I have continued to do so even til today. Over they years, my skills and builds have steadily improved to the point that I thought I’d like to document the progress and share it with like minded people. Since being in high school doesn’t pay well, I am often forced to use as few tools as possible, which makes projects hard sometimes, but usually makes it more of an engaging puzzle to figure out how to do certain things, which I enjoy. I hope you will too!
Dec 9, 2002 (Age: 18)
Seattle, WA, USA

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