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Hello there!

My name is Will Hamilton, I’m a prop maker living in Seattle, Washington. I have in intense love of film in every aspect, from direction, to music, to screenwriting, and of course both props and costumes. I have been building props since I was 12 when me and my friends would make short films together, and since then, my interest has stuck and developed. Over they years, my skills and builds have steadily improved to the point that I thought I’d like to document my progress and share it with like minded people. I am hoping to one day have a full time job in the film industry making props and costumes. I recently completed my first official job making miniature sets for a popular online table top gaming show and may return next season. Once my NDA is up, I will be sure to share pictures and details of my first hands on experience in a working shop. Stay tuned!
Dec 9, 2002 (Age: 21)
Seattle, WA, USA