Studio scale X-Wing scratchbuild.


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Well after my APC scratch build I had some left over materials so the gears stated turning I said what could I make out of this? I always wanted a studio scale x-wing but never seemed to have the funds when one surfaced for sale so I said lets take a stab and see how close I can make one so here are a few shots so far.
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Hey, nice work so far! It seems from the photo that you're using my blueprints, too - if so, watch out for the aft section, I couldn't figure out the angles correctly there, so it may be off by few millimeters here and there. Good luck! I'll post mine soon too.
Hey imkold thanks for the great blueprint this is not going to be an accurate studio scale but I wanted to try to make it a close interpretion of one. I basically looked at pics of the models made in the past and decided to make the back butt plate seperate.
Thanks 3D its the only thing keeping me sane brother, I can't find a job and I'm about to be evicted from my apt like real soon so if you guys don't see any posts in awhile its because it will be hard to finish my build sleeping on the train.
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Not a bad stab at a very difficult subject. Prefer your canopy dimensions to the V3. The plan view of your fuselage has the narrow-at-the-base, rectangular look of Red 5. Again, something the V3 doesn't have. I'd lengthen the nose piece, though, myself.

Hope you keep your apartment...
Thanks Colin I have looked at my model and noticed that the rear is to narrow I have to widen it as it gets wider to the rear as you said its not a easy subject I remember when Poisiden did his X-WING the canopy stuck out like a sore thumb it was deep were it connected to the fuselage if you don't get that "stance" right it just doesn't look right, as for the apt only Lotto could save me now Lol, but thanks anyway.
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