Studio Scale USS Excelsior


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Has anyone attempted to make a studio scale miniature of the USS Excelsior,or close to it?I've been looking for good references to get/make some blueprints(no luck yet) and have been looking for the 41" Lunar Model USS Excelsior vacuform kit to modify/improve(no luck yet...still searching).I'd be interested if anyone has one to trade,or sell.I could also use a boost in the right direction concerning "good" reference material concerning the Excelsior.If anyone can help,I'd much appreciate it,thanks much-John

Studio Stasis

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I have one as well. I have already done extensive reworking to mine and would either make it much more appealing to someone or much less appealing, depending on their assessment of my work. I was extremely in love with this ship design when I was growing up and the Lunar Models variant of this design wasnt doing it for me. I started my kit in 1994 and I ended up shelving it years ago due to the lack of time and tools to do it the way I wanted it. I took it out a few months ago and began work on it again but there are a lot of changes to be made, even to the work I did on it. I am totally resculpting the secondary hull by the way. I have a lot of photo reference of the model that I have collected from online sources if you'd like some pics. Just IM me on AOL instant messenger at josh1cal, or email me. I would probably sell my model but someone would look at it in disgust or amazement if they got it. I dont know if anyone would know what to make of it. I have done a lot of things that I need to finish before it looks right. I will try to take some photos to show you what I mean.