Studio Scale UFO escape pod


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With my love of UFO I wanted to do as many models as I can.
So this time around I am making the Studio Scale UFO escape pod.
I got all the kit parts for the master, so! let's do this. (y)
I molded up a 6" plastruct dome and 4 AirFix b-29 parts.
Also some 1 1/2" acrylic balls.
There are a few more model kit parts to mold up this weekend.


Wes R

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Looks good, this has to be my favorite Anderson show as I like how it was dark at times but still okay for kids to watch. Can I ask what you used to make the acryllic balls? I have a project to requires a bunch but i can't find the size i need to save my life. Figure maybe i can get some ideas for something i'm overlooking that's obvious.

Wes R

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Actually i'm not sure. I was hoping i could use a handball for a mold but it's too big so it'd have to be slightly smaller. The original doesn't contain a full sphere like in the game but i actually think 1 1/2" would work or i could make it work. I found a cap on a bottle of sleep meds that is about the perfect size so i can probably find something that'll work.
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