Studio Scale Escape Pod- Body work advice needed.


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I got this kit from someone in trade a few years ago and have decided to tackle it. Problem is, the main body has an area that looks like the jacket for the mold was misaligned, and there a large step or elevation change in one of the areas with the bowl shaped depression, see pics.

I'm thinking just grind out the area back to round with a dremel and try to reconstruct it with Evercoat, but now I'm noticing a large area on the other side where the whole body is flattened a bit and completely out of round. How perfect was the ILM pod?

Seems like a lot of bodyshop work to correct, I have half a mind to just 3d print a whole new body and use the rest of the cast parts.

Any ideas or advice from some of you old hands would be appreciated!


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Looks as if the casting had some issues when being made, which is not unusual if this is a studio sized pod. I'm thinking you're doing the right thing in filling the uneven section. For the depression, if you are brave, you may try using a hair dryer to see if you can push it out from the inside. If you've never done this before, I urge you to be careful. Too much heat will soften the resin too much and you'll end up with a worse mess than before. Heat evenly from both sides and push out slowly. If it doesn't move, heat it up again for a few seconds and try again. Keep cycling until you feel and see the resin rise. Once you have the shape you want, cool both sides with a cold cloth, so that the resin doesn't return back to it's original form.


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