Studio Scale Cylon Raider

Laser Brain

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The masters that Custom Replicas were selling have been bought by someone I think (they aren't on their website anyway) Maybe somebody has plans?



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Hey I like the original series.Its a classic all the way,but I'd like to do the new cylon ship from he new series,not to mention...there are many other great ship designs.Problem is everything is cgi....damm!

Bantha Crossing

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If anybody out there who has a spare unbuilt kit of the Studio Scale Cylon Raider, let me know IÂ’m on the hunt for one.
Yeah, I love the new Cylon Raiders, that is definitely on my scratch build list of things to build....and I love the new show, far more then I did for the original series when it first aired, when I was a wee-little-boy!

Bantha Crossing

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I know they had the kit at one time, but I havenÂ’t actually sent them an email as to weather of not they would be getting any more in the future....IÂ’ll shoot them an email, but IÂ’m not going to hold my breath though
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