Studio photography of prop replicas


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I'm always in awe of all of your hard work and being able to make screen accurate prop replicas, especially when fabricating the parts yourself, not having a kit to follow. I'm not so good with my crafting skills, however I do love taking photos of prop replicas and memorabilia in my studio (especially with all this time on my hands).

The first batch of props studio photos I have to share are of the replica lightsaber I recently purchased from this board (thanks RPF user Ash!)
When I first got the lightsaber, I had to take this photo:

But after I pulled that off, I wanted to recreate the Wampa cave on Hoth.

And while I've always wanted a lightsaber hilt, of course I love playing with the blade too. Here is my son

I didn't make this prop replica, so I wanted to make sure it was alright to post this kind of thing here, or if there is. better spot for stuff like this. I have a lot more I'm working on.

*I know you guys are sticklers for accuracy, so I will be forthcoming: this is the Disney "Parks Exclusive Rey's Lightsaber" which is, yes, Anakin's lightsaber, and there is some online criticism that on this particular model, the activation switch box is rotated around the shaft about 30°. But I love it. I can't stop playing with it.

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