1. G

    Bandai ISD 1/5000 light up solution discussions

    Hello First time poster long time reader I have seen a lot of you have built the bandai ISD 1/5000 kit and I'm very tempted to get it, however I'm not a fan of the light kit version as it seemes like a hassle to turn it on and off and also change the batteries which will basically leave it...
  2. ageowns

    Studio photography of prop replicas

    I'm always in awe of all of your hard work and being able to make screen accurate prop replicas, especially when fabricating the parts yourself, not having a kit to follow. I'm not so good with my crafting skills, however I do love taking photos of prop replicas and memorabilia in my studio...
  3. coozco

    KC hi-lite #570 / power amber fog lights

    looking for a set of fog lights
  4. Anders

    Interest Stargate Naquadah Generator

    Hello back everyone! I'll be starting a Naquadah Generator 'MK1' soon! Price tag will be around 600-700€ (EUR) + shipping For a fully working unit. May optionally comes with a full loaded PowerBank as an extra So digging interest to start the Project. 1. F. Z. 2. J. C. 3. Free -- Project...
  5. HonorableWhat

    Looking for a push button battery led

    So! I got a hellboy locator kit and im looking to light up the red resin “bulb” with a led. Its hollowed out enough that i can fit a decent sized led that can hopefully run off watch batteries. I want something i can either cut a small notch out of the back of the locator (where it wont be seen)...