Stormtrooper helmet


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Hi all
does anyone know a good stormtrooper helmet kit and where to get one? Would like to have one to go with my E 11 blaster
Wouldnt this be best asked in the WTB section? Anyway:

RSProps for ANH/ESB Stunt

CFO (Cast from original) for RotJ

I have no idea where to source a ANH Hero style helmet but I never liked them as much as the stunt anyway. I believe eFX made one but I imagine it's hard to find now.
Depends on how accurate you want it and how much you're wanting to spend. The EFX/MR is a decent helmet for the price if you can find one for anything under $100. Check Amazon. Other than that, you'll probably want to go up a tier and start asking around and if you want tip top "walked right off the set" accuracy, bumps, warts, and all then yes RS is your place.
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