Store Display naboo star fighter converison into Mando's new ship yep 1/6th scale big


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I would complete all detailing and them glue the engine in place. Use a compass for the circle 'notch' or groove, if you have one, or create a template, or use a circle guide.
I love the large scale of this.....!!!


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Love the engine details!

Not sure I fully understand about the notch part

Will it just be that small area under the 3 pipe coming from the front of the engine. or is it that whole arc area you are shaving off?


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Okay RPF Friends, Love the comments, Yep Analyzer that's the spot, now in these next bunch of exciting pics I will have the engine out and then you can see the mark also a bunch of other stuff happening, Thanks for the comment on the engine details big things of detail in next pics. So as I was finishing the engine area before final attachment I needed to do a crazy task Analyzer this is the pics to see the mark I hope I didn't sand the mark away oops Okay enough said And Thanks Friends for all the likes and input comments all keeps me plugging away Here we go Enjoy
There it is I think that doesn't get cut but scribed yep scribed along that rounded curve kind of see a bit of that as well okay here's more Enjoy
I do think I am leaving the engine unattached untill I get the cock pit boxed in, I also have to scribe those lines in before attaching it even though you can't see the scribe lines I will know they are there. I still got a bunch more of this work on these winglets and cannon area seem like after the sanding is all done I will move onward to the cannons Oh I also finished all the detail on the engine there is more detail added Here's More Enjoy
Yep lots of sanding getting ready to happen then some cannons I still have a small bit of fire wall detail then cannons. I didn't like the look of those molded in winglets so I made them visible me the printer printing away soon I will have a Mando New Ship with baby Yoda tapping the glass dome. I have the lowering mech figured out now just to make it or becoming the printer and bam there it is. Okay Friends Thanks very much for all the imput, likes, comments keeps me making I love making. Stay Tuned More happening Enjoy


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Okay Guys, Wow another busy day in the shop and man made a big mess then I cleaned it rite up. Yep a bunch of work, Thanks, Analyzer I only hope how do you Guys think it looks now still a long way there but Enjoying the ride, I have been making hundreds of creatures I stopped the creatures for a bit after loosing track on that sad looking thing back there in the shop. So yep lots of sanding done and more sanding also some scribing then some gray stuff, Oh before that some red putty, then a bunch of sanding. I am at the next stage of sanding just had to give it some over night cure time then sanding in the morning. Well Thanks for the cool comments and likes Enjoy
Okay Friends, I will have to sand all this again after that primer cures then might be some red putty again this ship is kind of janky nope I will make it slick as a cats hum. still a bitof detail on the fire wall I will have to check. after this the cannons, I have already been on a parts quest, whilest waiting for stuff to dry. Thanks All more to come Thanks


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I appreciate the effort you're putting into that build.(y) As for painting/spraying wood...the first few coats have a tendency to raise the grain of the wood. After the first coat, you could sand it with 320 grit to make it smooth.;)


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Okay Guys, I am gathering parts for the cannons, I also have to pick up some more super glue. joberg, this is just what I did, lots of red putty as well sand sand sand, now everything is all slick. Thanks Guys for all the likes and comments keeps me making. So here we go Enjoy
Okay Friends moving on to the cannons then we shall see what's next Thanks for all the likes and comments once again. Stay tuned more to happen. Thanks


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Okay Guys, Here is what I need as I build the cannons. I need someone with a 12 inch figure to sit it down with legs straight out and from his bottom to the top of his head measurement please let me know. After the cannons, I will be flipping this back over and start on boxing in the cock pit. I will also start in behind the seat where baby Yoda's compartment will be. Stay tuned more and more to come Thanks


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Okay Friends, I have been on a quest for parts to build these cannons. Okay all sanding is all done on this part now for the cannons, I have a small bit to show, I am making a cannon part so this is really in thinking and process of figuring it all out not a whole bunch to show on this part yet. Thank You Guys for all the likes and comments, keeps me making. I had to replace a cerpintine belt and two pullys on my jeep also had a leaking trans line I had to replace. All that is fixed and back on the road, I started to snap a pic of that mess Thank God it behind me So here we go, Enjoy
Okay Friends, this is the cannons coming along a bit, I will have some cannons soon. Thanks Guys for tagging along on this quest. I really need that measurement Lots more to happen Stay Tuned. Thanks


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kermet - is this the measurement you are looking for? The angle of these photos are poor - my apologies. I'd say the measurement is 6.25 inches from the base of his butt to the top of his head (the photo taken from the side is more accurate). If you need a different measurement, just let me know.

View attachment 1589157

View attachment 1589158
You got it Thank you now I can soon be on the cock pit, This is perfect also what RPF is all about Thanks a bunch


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Okay Guys A BIG Happy Fathers Day to ALL. So I kind of had a day almost to my self, I was able to get after it and get in a zone Thanks for the measurement cock pit is next. Wow Here we go Enjoy
Yep some fire wall details done
Sad thing is all that detail is lost once I set the engine in Oh well I know its there LoL
Okay Friends, quite a bunch of pics but I was on it today. I still got cannon detail to work on I also did some scribing, now that I have the measurement the cock pit is coming into focus, sill a bunch to do. Thanks guys for all the likes and comments keeps my engine running Stay tuned lots more bout to happen. Happy Fathers Day To All ....Thanks


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Okay Guys caught another break no distractions and got a bunch more done, also started a bit of panel line scribing which I forgot to get pics of today but I will have some up soon. Thanks Friends for all the likes and comments. So here we go Enjoy
Okay Friends, joberg you was rite about the grain lifting I noticed a bunch of sanding once I pulled the engine out so I got after it sand sand sand it makes a big deal in your models I did notice a bunch of this on the girl robot Amie slow my roll. All the likes and comments keeps me making and Thanks for them. So in the shop I have to work on my scribing tool I need one a bit wider for one part behind baby Yoda. I also will start working on the outer area of the cock pit the part the canopy slides on then to the inside this measurement was so helpful now to move onward so a bunch more going to happen. Stay tuned Thanks

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