Stealth Spider


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I have a plain black morphsuit from Halloween a few years ago, and when I happened across this image of the stealth spider it was an almost instant "I have to make that" moment. So, as I build up funds for the project I'm brainstorming ways to get it accomplished. I've already asked an engineering buddy of mine about lighting. First idea would be three sets of EL wire (red, blue and green) all attached to some kind of hardware so I could change the colors.

Dilemmas I see though are a) what kind of diffuser do I use, b) that's a lot of (potentially hot) wires on my body and c) where do I hide the inverter/other hardware?

I also intend on either stamping on or screen printing a honeycomb/brick/some kind of texture, black on black, just to give it that extra "umph". Oh yeah, on the lenses, I'm guessing I just make those white and have them change color too, but they appear frame-less so I'm concerned about mounting those to a shell. I suppose I could just do black frames since nobody should really care. They'll be too wowed by the lights.


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I'm not sure if it's enough to block heat, but you can use a compression shirt underneath the costume.
Also maybe place the battery on your leg or the lower back


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If you need the pattern made and or then printed and sewn up shoot me a dm.
Run a little service/business over in the project runs so head over there or just search my name up to get sent there. :)
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