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Hi guys,

This is my first thread. I thought I'd show you all my progress on my Starkiller lightsaber. First I must say I have to give credit to this guy as my inspiration:


Here are some preliminary models:




And here is some of the machining process. The emitter shroud I actually had cut on a wire EDM machine and it turned out really well:




Anyways, still a work in progress obviously. I just started doing my master's and working part time so I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time, but I hope you like it so far

thanks for reading
The EDM came out really nice, looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Engineering Masters im guessing?
Thought so:) I finished my 5yrs Mech Eng last year. Its not easy:p I spent many a night in the library. Is it a research or taught masters?

Berkeley must have some nice workshops!
It's a coursework only master's, though I did take on a research position doing some finite element stuff just for the experience.

Yeah they do have quite the facilities. That's where I got access to the EDM machine. The only thing they don't have is a 5-axis CNC :(

Does anyone know an easy way to machine the switch box so it fits flush with the emitter shroud?
Totally awesome, I like the angle at the tip you cut the emitter shroud at and not just a flat cut
Thanks guys!

@LP...yeah I tend to forgo "screen accuracy" to make things look like I would want them. Though I can't really take credit for that one as I was inspired by the link I posted at the top.

There are quite a few things I plan on changing as far ass button locations, crystal chamber, etc that should turn out pretty nice

Small update. Not huge progress but I turned the handle down to size. It looks oddly proportioned, but I think it'll look better once the pommel piece is on

I machined the main shape of the long switch today and cut the grooves out of the two cylinders. I used a 1.5" endmill on the switch so it sits flush with the emitter shroud. I'm moving the long switch back so there's room for the button in front of it. I might also take some off the top of it but I haven't decided yet.


Took some scothbrite to the outer pieces to get that weird haze off and it looks way better. I also started on the long switch. It's almost done but I didn't have tome to cut the grooves for those thin inserts:

I was thinking about using NIHM batteries and building in a charge port. Has anyone ever done that before? I don't know the first thing about wiring all this up. All I'm gonna be doing is running an LED for the crystal chamber and I'm gonna have one of those LED latching button switches to turn it off and on
More Progress:

First I cut the slots for the activator box details and I got the other button on there:


Then I did the emitter ears. I'm thinking about moving them back a little bit, and maybe taking a tiny bit off the top


quick update for those who are interested:

I got the "grips" attached today and all finished up.





I also got most of the emitter section done. It looks simple, but it took me like 6 hours because I haven't used a lathe in a while...hope you like it. I probably won't get a chance to work again for another few weeks. School is really picking up with projects and everything :(




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