Limited Run Starkiller TFU1 - Phoenix Props and 7 Chambers - Prototype is in!


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IT'S HERE!!! Starkiller TFU1 prototype from 7 Chambers - SaberStore and Phoenix Props is here and it's fabulous!

Sign up here:

I've gone through all parts with a fine tooth comb and my machinist has hit this out of the park on the first try!

Consume the photos below and get ready to be a part of the most amazing Starkiller TFU1 package ever.

Fully featured run including:
6061 Aluminium body (strong and lightweight)
1 inch blade socket
Unsealed copper accents and heatsink
Both Copper and Aluminium bands at the rear
Both squared and rounded bunny ears at the top
Synthetic crystal for the chamber
Stainless steel emitter sleeve
Adjustable Covertec for left and right handed holstering
Collectors edition packaging
Saber display plaque
All screws needed to assemble for display

The price is 300 Euros for 3 more days!!! After that the price goes to up 350 Euros, then once they are in hand, 375 Euros retail price. So get in now before the price starts to climb.

Sign up here:

Don't delay, because an offer like this doesn't come along every day.
Derrek and Lewis
Phoenix Props and 7 Chambers -

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Already all signed up for this one definitely wouldn't miss it. Beautiful job as always guy's I'm never disappointed!

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Update was sent and everyone should have their payment requests. The shipment hasn't left the manufacturer yet, but will leave to me next week. Then on to you guys.


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For a limited time this week, and MAYBE next, I'm offering a discount in my shop of an additional 10% off anything I'm selling there. Even on top of already discounted/sale items. So if you've been waiting to pick one of these up, this could be your chance. to order and use the code PPCYBER10

The SK sabers are finally confirmed with Fedex on their way to me from the manufacturer. The issues with the box were corrected and I'll be shipping over the next 2 weeks, so look out for my post when I"m starting to ship and you can ask for your tracking if you wish.