Stark Industries Weapons Crate Bar


Has anyone ever seen any replicas of the Stark Industries weapons case bar seen in the beginning of Iron Man?

I've done a little searching, but iron man, crate and bar are all sort of generic search terms.

I'm thinking of trying to put one together. I know when they had the prop auction during the first C2E2, it was one of the props available.

This is my first time really doing something like this, so the entire thing should be a learning experience.

If anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated!


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Darph Bobo

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It would be a pretty cool thing to have as one`s actual bar at home! I don`t know how tall that case is, but put it on a stand so it`s at bar height and voila!

I think another thing to consider is how much a `traditional` bar would cost, this may actually be cheaper.


Yeah, part of what got me thinking of it was putting together a liquor cabinet in my house that I'm looking to automate the opening of.

That and it would be kind of neat with castors on it, to wheel it from place to place. As pricy as it is, it might just be something I have to save up for.
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