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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Snxi, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hey all, after seeing so many cool costumes here i wanted to share my latest project, Shaak Ti. Well now its almost 2 months old already, but still..

    I have always been a huge SW fan and actually my first selfmade costume ever was Queen Amidala's throne room costume, year 2000 ( maybbe i should find those pics too) and the second were a Qui-Gon Jinn for my friend.

    This time i wanted to make a jedi costume for my self! So i started to check out all the female characters and finally decided that Shaak Ti is the one

    here are some specs if someone is interested.

    Dress is made of white cotton fabric, which i dyed with black tee, so that i looks a bit more used

    Leather strings -flea market skirt

    Leather shoes- also made of some old skirt that i found on some flea market. Under there are my old summer shoes :D I just used some hot -glue to put it all togetter ( actually i made those shoes few years ago for my xena costume)

    Lightsaber - Force FX Lucas arts

    Headpiece - This maybe harder to explain. I started to make the shape of those upper horns with foam rubber. after that i made the inside helmet of few steel wires and ( for this i dont know the real name in english) sauna-tape ( that tape is used while making make those to be steam-proof..its very easy to shape and use) Then i just put those two things togetter after that i used white knitwear fabric to make those three long tentacles and filled those with styrofoam balls ( so that those would be light and very easily moving)
    Outside appearance is made of natural white fulling wool with soap and water. Stripes are painted or taped with the black tape.

    And yeah...that's it. I usually have my own style to make costumes since i dont own any fancy equipments, just basic sewing machinaes..but i still wanna make everything look as real as i can..Ofcos sometimes like in this case i just didnt have enough time to make perfectly so i had to use some short cut materials like that black tape on those three tentacles..and xena costumes shoes..., but it still looks ok so :)
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    Re: My Shaak Ti

    That is impressive! Nicely done with the costume and poses!
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    Re: My Shaak Ti

    Looks awesome
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    Re: My Shaak Ti

    Wow that's the first Shaak Ti I've seen and it is fantastic! Well done!
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    Re: My Shaak Ti

    Looks very well done, especially the headpiece area. You might be referring to plumbers tape as the sauna tape.
  6. Snxi

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    Well.. sauna tape is more foil -like. i can add a picture of it :)

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