Star Wars FX sabers - options for hanging from walls?


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Heya guys,

I was just seeking some advice as to how you guys hang your star wars fx sabers on the wall.

I am planning on hanging mine (Obi / Anni / Mace) vertical on the wall and just don't know how to do it effectively and safely.

Surfing the internet, I have discovered a $20(US) hanging option (black holder), however was wondering if there was a cheaper (and just as safe) version that you can do yourself.

Thoughts guys?

Thank you in advance.


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Go for the $20 Saber Holders. Easy to install, and fairly secure from coming loose. I bought 4 and got 1 free. It gave me a way to display them between the movie posters.



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GeneralMayhem, where can I get those?

I fount them originally on eBay, but found the home site and ordered them from there instead. The website seems to be gone now, but they sold them through Impact Paintball LLC. I can't seem to find those stands anywhere, now. We emailed Impact Paintball to see who the manufacturer was. I'll post it here if they respond.

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Anyone figured out a way around the auto-shutoff of the FX sabers? I posted a work around to silence the audio on them last year. I would like to display them left on but without the sensor being moved they shut down after 4-5 minutes.


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My FX display - I just used the stands that come with them but put a 1 1/2 inch block of wood inbetween the wall and one of the stands to offset it from the other saber. This view is from the door looking into my home theater room.

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I tried using the 3M command hooks like someone else did, but they fell off the wall, so I'm going to figure out something else (or try something suggested here :) ). I think mounting them diagonally somehow put too much stress on the hooks or something.


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Here is my low cost tutorial I posted on RebelScum.

It uses the 3M Command hooks mentioned above. However, I have not had any problems with them falling down. I'm just throwing this out there as an alternative :)

You'll need the items pictured below... A pack of adhesive picture hangers, a pack of clear tiny rubber bands, and loose key rings (one for each saber hilt... the 2" ring fits the ANH Vader and Luke ROTJ nicely). I purchased the picture hangers and key rings from Home Depot. The rubber bands, strangely enough, were found in the hair care isle of a local grocery store next to pony tail holders.

Now, measure and mount the lower hanger, following the directions on the hangers' package...
Once the lower hanger is mounted, measure up and afix the upper hanger for the blade.

Then slide the key ring over the lower hanger...

The hilt fits in like so...

Now, slide a couple rubber bands over the top of the blade and into the upper hanger (I recommend using at least two rubber bands for a secure hold)...

And there you have it...

The sabers can easily be pulled off the wall for play. You may have to replace the rubber bands every now and then, but you get plenty in a pack :)

Hope that helps.