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So, I thought it might be useful to post a thread like this, maybe have it stickied eventually. Especially for me, I keep running back to the RPF to check measurements of vintage proprietary parts or the actual props themselves. Maybe there are some we don't know and can find...

5-40 clamp threading
5/8-24 threading Red Button/Glass Eye hole
Tube 1.5" with .0625 (1/16) wall

Bulb lens cover (M10 x 1.00 is very close but no cigar, anyone have this?)

M19 scope bolts
10-32 threading

Obi Wan Hero replica central rod
3/8 16 Threaded

Stunt sabers
Black Bolts - M6 Countersunk, M4 Graflex uppers
V3 windvane screw - M3 threading
V3 booster screw - M5 or M4 threading
All my blades - M4 set screw in collar, 5/16 or 8mm mild steel tang (5/16 is like 7.8 or 7.9 mm)
Barbican Emitter set screws - M4
Barbican Grip Screws - 0-80 (?)

TPM Tang
M8 rods Early Qui Gon Jinn
M10 rods every other saber

Michell Parts - British Association Threading
Cone knob - M6 thread
R2 cylinders (?)

D ring/costume rivets - 3mm Pop Rivets

ROTJ Blasters
DL44, Biker Scout etc. 1" generic scope ring, high
Boba Fett/other blasters - 3/4" scope tube, matching wrap rings

Most common Camera accessories
1/4 20 threading, 3/8 16 threading

fraction-decimal-millimeter-conversion-chart (1).jpg

I can continue to update this, please add to this list!!
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I think it was M6 ... don't have it around me to measure, but I used a metric set screw in my build for sure and it didn't feel like I'm forcing a different thread

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