Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 (April 11-April 15)


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April is good may would be better in costume colder helps, as for the people saying Chicago is safe, what planet are you from, you cannot go anywhere south of McCormick place, do not wear a costume on public transit, after dark you will get harassed robbed killed, do not walk west of the convention center more than 2 blocks theres a no mans land essentially till clark street/chinatown, iff youre serious get a room a the Hyatt now. Park your car there order dominos dont leave till youre done. I want to go but my plan would be to get there early stay at the Hyatt and not leave for fear of traffic problems. CCW holders, I believe that hotel has a no guns policy. They should of held this further north on the magnificent mile more hotels and more safe


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April is good may would be better in costume colder helps, as for the people saying Chicago is safe, what planet are you from
Earth, what's your excuse?
No one is or has said it's completely safe everywhere, so don't be ridiculous.
Around the convention hall is perfectly fine and it's not as if police won't be out. Chinatown is fine along with Michigan Ave. by the convention hall and north on Michigan; which is were most will wander to anyway because of the food options.
The L-train Chinatown stop by the convention is perfectly fine as well. Again just don't be stupid and watch your surroundings, like any city.


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uh, no. china town is safe once you get there, I wouldn't try to walk there from convention center after dark. the redline station at china town is safe, the green line station between chinatown and convention center is sketchy, going anywhere south of those stops is outright suicidal/dangerou unless youre going to a sox game. Criminals in Chicago dont even have the respect to rob you properly, they now push you down the stairs at the el and let gravity do the work. A few concealed carriers have shot a few bad guys, so the El is a no gun zone, so some muggings are on the increase there. Last week some dude tried to jump into my car on Garfield, I floored it, Im sure I'll get a redlight ticket. A friend was a victim of armed robbery in the U of C area just a few weeks ago. Last time my grandpa rode the El was the last time he wont ride it anymore its unsafe. Some guy yelled at him "what are you looking at" he wasnt doing anything, I told him people want to start stuff so they can claim they attacked/robbed you because you "dissed" them and blame you for their attack. The convention center is unsafe if you walk south of it period. After dark unless you are further north on Michigan ave you must go in a group. Look at it this way, south is sand people territory always unsafe, west has an asteroid field between you and safe area, might be ok if space slug isn't home, north is ewok country you need numbers and you'll be safe, north michigan avenue is pre death star days moon of Yavin, relatively safe. Id could tell you some frightening stories but my CPD buddy swore me to secrecy
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Ticket prices updated on first post. The asterisk indicates there are taxes and fees. No tax and fee for VIP pass it seems.


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I’m TOTALLY looking forward to Celebration! I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, of course!
I’ve never been to Chicago and I’m excited to see a new city that has some amazing museums as well as world class food!! BRING IT ON!!


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$850 for VIP??? :eek

What do VIP tickets typically get you, out of curiosity? .
From the website --

The Jedi Master VIP Package Includes:

  • One (1) Jedi Master VIP Badge Featuring Exclusive Art
  • One (1) Official Show Poster (Rolled, complete with poster tube)
  • One (1) Commemorative Program Guide
  • VIP Lounge with coat check and concierge
  • Half Hour Early Access to Exhibit Hall
  • Half Hour Early Access to the Official Celebration Store each day
  • Exclusive Celebration Store private shopping experience on Thursday, April 11 at 11:00 AM
  • VIP Express Checkout Lane at the Official Celebration Store
  • Unlimited use of the Lightspeed Lane to enter the Official Celebration Store
  • Express Autograph Hall Autograph line pass and checkout for up to six (6) Autograph Sessions. Price of Autographs not included.
  • First Access to Panels at the Celebration Stage
    • We will be clearing the Celebration Stage after each panel. Jedi Masters will have first access to seats for each panel on the Celebration Stage. There will be no reserved seating, but you will have first choice of seats for each Panel on the Celebration Stage. You MUST arrive at least 40 minutes prior to the start of any Celebration Stage Panel you wish to attend.
  • One(1) Private Meet & Greet with select Star Wars Celebration guest or guests
    • Guest determined at the discretion of Star Wars Celebration and to be announced at a later date.
  • One (1) Original signed art print, created exclusively for Celebration Chicago Jedi Master VIPs
  • One (1) Extremely Limited Jedi Master VIP character pin shared only, in very limited amounts, with staff as a giveaway pin that will not otherwise be made available for sale to Star Wars Celebration Chicago Attendees.
  • One (1) Exclusive Jedi Master VIP Lanyard
  • One (1) Exclusive Jedi Master VIP Embroidered Patch
  • One time 10% off discount at the Official Celebration Store


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This will also be my first time going.

Do VIP passes typically sell out quickly...?

That’s a lot of cool exclusive stuff!!

As a first timer, you’ll have a blast! I’ve been to each one stateside since CIV in Los Angeles (and even the first Celebration Europe in London in 2007)! It’s a cool event!
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Do the non-VIP sell out quickly or will I have a while to consider going? On the fence at the moment.

Which, also, the dates... The first three were in April/May because they were right before each of the Prequels were released. IV was May for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars' premiere. V and VI were later in the summer for a variety of reasons, uncoupled as they were from release date significance... So why is this one in April? Last time I checked, Episode IX was still slated for a December release -- which surprised me, actually, as I thought they were finally getting back to Memorial Day as the traditional Star Wars premiere weekend. April in Chicago tends to still be in the 40s and 50s, with a nonzero chance of a blizzard.
My guess is they scheduled it when the did so they can use it to launch the marketing campaign. I'm 100% sure we will get a title and cast reveal, but if the last two movies is anything to go by probably no trailer until later in the year. Maybe more news on the Boba Fett and Kenobi films.


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I believe you will have time on the non-VIP tickets. Those tend to be available.
I have no opinion as for the reasoning for April vs December dates of the Celebrations, lol.
I DO, however, hope Disney/Lucasfilm casts Ewan as Kenobi....


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I assume they have different events for different days. I'm choose a day and go but its hard to when I don't know what is going on that day.


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Some hotel info:

In the official hotel block there are no rates over $200 for a single bedded room and the highest rate for a double bedded room is $229. The official Star Wars Celebration room block will go on sale at 1pm CDT on Tuesday June 5th.

So you can book your tickets, or try your luck at VIP tickets first, then get your hotel after.


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Good luck to everyone today going for VIP tickets and hotels. May the Force be with you.


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So who got tickets and hotels?

I'd just like to chime in on Chicago as the venue. I'm from the area, and recently moved downtown. Went to Celebration 2 and 3 in Indianapolis back in the early 2000's. I also went to Orlando last April for Celebration 2017.

McCormick Place is a great location and it's close to downtown Chicago. This idea that Chicago is a dangerous city is kinda crazy. It's like any other big city. Yes the crime rate is high in certain areas, but you can say that about any city...I've never felt unsafe in or around McCormick Place at all.

As far as stuff to do while you're here, I think most geeks will focus on the Con...but if you want to go out and about, Chicago has plenty to offer with great restaurants, bars and night-life. The museums, Navy Pier and the lake front are wonderful as well.

As far as the weather, C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) is about the same time in April. I've been the last 3 years and by mid-April the weather is just starting to break. Usually jeans and a sweatshirt are all you'll need. But it can also mean temps of 45 or 75...I mean, it's Chicago in April! haha. For those in costume the cooler temps will actually be nice.

I really think Celebration 2019 in Chicago will be a great change of pace! Looking forward to a RPF party or meet and greet!


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I missed out on the VIP tickets (Wow, those are gone in the first second) and on the Hyatt and other nearby walking-distance hotels (those were gone instantly as well). But I easily managed a regular 5-day ticket and one of the downtown hotels about 3 miles from McCormick Place.

This will be my first Celebration and I'm looking forward to it!