Star Trek Picard Season Three


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It’s occasionally hard being a staff writer for DSTN when I personally think the current stuff is crap! Personally I try to do the Shatner stories, new books, comics, products, and any coverage of Legacy Trek series.

When I’m given a new Trek article to write, I just put the facts out. You’ll see my personality come out more in the above mentioned items.


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Dear mods,

No more games. This is targeted harassment. I've agreed to disagree and put both this guy and Gimpdiggity on "ignore" long ago, and yet they continue to use this little laughing emoji to attempt to get under my skin. It's childish, petty, and pathetic. It's "just" an emoji, yes, but it's still a form of harassment, and therefore a violation, yes?

Please do something to remedy this. Thanks!

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