Limited Run Star Lord's (Mattel Electronics) Motion Tracker Mod Kit and Stickers - Scanner


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I'm offering kits on ebay and etsy as well if anyone else is interested. They are a couple bucks cheaper if you order from me direct though.
Thanks again guys :cheers


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I wanted a Star Lord Mattel Football scanner from a few minutes after the trailer aired. I'm west coast, so I saw it three hours after the East coast and ebay was wiped out of decently priced Football games. By the next morning they started going for $30 - $100.

I finally got a good deal on one and ordered Soulinertia's kit from ebay (as I just joined here a while back and didn't know about this thread). I got it in the mail today. It's rather amazing. I never would have found these parts on my own. Can't wait to put it all together.
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Well, I was going through some boxes & realized, quite by accident, that I have one of the correct games for this prop. So, I reckon ima need a kit.



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Hi Jeremy, Got the motion tracker kit bits via Etsy, but the retaining screw was missing. Only got the brass heatsink thing and the double knurled knob(s) (as well as the stickers of course).
Also is there a link to download the animation file and instructions to put it all together?
Cheers, John