Limited Run Star Trek TNG Dustbuster Phaser Hero Electronics


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I am doing a new limited run of TNG Dustbuster phaser electronics designed for the Stapleton body kits. (They will also work on other body kits like the Roddenberry version.) The electronics are powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery (included along with charging cable).


The electronics simulate the actual replica hero prop version from the show. The LED power display is tech manual accurate with 3 power modes represented by 3 colours (Green - Stun, Yellow - Heavy Stun, & red - Kill or Heat). The buttons control the power level. As you increase the power level the front emitter will get brighter when fired. Each mode has a separate sound when fired. The first two modes have pulse fire sounds; the third mode has a continuous firing sound while the trigger button is held down. If you step the levels up past the last setting you will enter a diagnostic mode and the lights will sequence back and forth as it diagnosis each internal system. While in this mode you can set the phaser into overload with a special sequence of button presses. The display will speed up after 10 seconds along with a build up sound. Finally the entire display will light up and then trigger an explosion sound. The phaser then shuts off.


The electronics also has an auto shutoff if the phaser is inactive for more than 30 seconds.
$85US for each set of electronics.
I am doing a limited run of 20 sets of electronics only. PM me if you are interested in receiving one or more of these rare electronics.
This is for the electronics only. Dustbuster phaser body kits are available from Stapleton Productions here on Facebook. (He has Season 1 and Season 2 versions; my electronics will work in both.)
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