Limited Run Star Lord's (Mattel Electronics) Motion Tracker Mod Kit and Stickers - Scanner


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For anyone looking to upgrade/convert their vintage Mattel Electronics Football game to look like the tracker/scanner Star Lord has in the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer, I'm offering this mod kit:


Here is a vid showing the graphics in motion:

All you need to make this animation work is an old phone the size of a Samsung Galaxy S3 or similar.

Original screen grab for reference (which I'm sure was done with CGI):

I'm including 2 of each sticker, so you can keep one set pristine and have fun weathering/distressing the other set.

Price for the kit is $24
$3 domestic shipping
$13 international shipping

If you would like to purchase a mod kit post your interest here in the thread and I'll send you a PM with payment info on how to order.

1st batch (24 total):
Talsiri - PAID
Wolverineknows - PAID
mierax - PAID
Capn_Jack_Savvy - PAID
aubs42 - PAID
Max Jenius - PAID
evoskater - Reserved
Sundowner - PAID
enterprise0216 - PAID
Nopal - PAID
Abelugo - PAID
kevyg6- PAID
Bellthazor - PAID
Kerberos23 - PAID
tripoli - PAID
veektohr - PAID
veektohr - PAID
Paradox - PAID
Johnnyfl - PAID
jonnytrooper - PAID
smithjohnj - PAID
Lidocaine - PAID
Gary Weaver II - PAID
Maulevolent - PAID
justanuthercap - PAID

2nd batch (24 total):
SteakSauce - PAID
Gyurma - PAID
Private - PAID
Zuiun - PAID

All orders above have been shipped!

Still taking orders, PM for details.



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Count me in. I have an original football game. Not sure I want to modify it. lol But getting this kit. :)


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I wonder if you could use/ find a small screen instead of a phone. I would ideally like something more permanent. Also I have an iPhone and Apple isn't as easily customizable.


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Depending upon the format of the offered animation file, a phone which is not a phone might be an inexpensive display option. Today's smart phones include a low-power computer CPU. communications capabilities and pretty good displays. They also have a SIM card which allows you to connect to a telephony carrier which charge you monthly fees to provide telephone and message services. If you buy a pre-paid smart phone and remove the SIM card you still have a computer, display and with some phones wifi, bluetooth, etc. Without the SIM card you do not have phone services but you do not have to pay for any of those services either. Buying the phone is your total investment.

You can still use wifi to connect, download files, download and execute apps (it they do not require telephone services), play videos, audio, etc. You will need to do some research to see what capabilities the phone will have but you can find new ones for as low as $20 and you might be able to get used ones even cheaper.