Limited Run Star Lord's (Mattel Electronics) Motion Tracker Mod Kit and Stickers - Scanner


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Hey Soul... Do you have a price for just the retaining screw and the stickers (and *maybe* the animation file -- assuming I can figure out a way to load it to an iPhone or get something to play it on)? I have everything else.


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Indeed... so i cut them off and put back some clear plastic (used soulinertia's box)
oh, good idea, haha. I was thinking I should get some clear styrene sheets, forgot the parts are packed in clear. I had packed everything away and hoping that we would have seen more of the scanner, I guess maybe hope for Blu-ray extras now.


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Thanks for all the orders guys. I have only a few of these kits left in stock. If you'd like to order, just send me a PM. :cheers