Stan Winston School of Character Arts on Facebook

Thank you for posting this link. Made my morning that much better.
No problem Estelle I'm on facebook quite often more then I should mainly because I have nothing else better to do and I always make sure I don't miss out on these types of updates
hey guys intresting fact i found out on saturday stan worked on the jason voorhees hockey mask!!!! :( found it out when i was watching fri 13th 3 on blu ray
Hahaha... that was actually kind of funny. It's hard to tell if he was acting or if he was actually that way whilste under the influence.
I ask the same thing and Shannon said that he was not drinking anything he was just being himself while on their day off as you can read in the comments.
first time seen mask with tri set on side from original P1 film set....

I figured I would update this with yet another picture of the P2 holding the spine at a different angle that was just posted earlier today. Enjoy (y)
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