SS AT-ST Assistance please


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Hi All
I'm usually involved in costumes and large sized props but thought i would turn my hand to an old hobby and attempt a studio scale AT-ST. I have read the older 5 page thread here regarding this model and its been a great help so far.

Is there anyone who could email me a comprehensive parts list and possibly any good reference shots to aid me on this one.

I'll be totally honest and say that I am a builder of large scale but the thought of tackling the main cockpit si a bit daunting so any pointers/blueprints would be great.

thanks in advanc eguys and hopefully i'll be able to start contributing here shortly



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Just curious on this one - would a studio scale AT-AT be bigger or smaller
than the AT-AT offered by Master Replicas? I thought I'd seen a bigger
AT-AT before, but I'm not 100% sure.

A HUGE AT-AT would be mighty neat though, and I'd love to see how
you go about it, and what it ends up looking like.

JS :)

division 6

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He wants to make and AT-ST (Scout Walker) not an AT-AT.

Dacrates, if you have or can get a hold of the Chronicals it has some really good pix of all the parts layed out.



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Doh. :$ Got my AT's and ST's mixed up. :confused

Either way - I've seen a HUGE AT-AT before I thought.
Would a Studio Scale AT-ST be bigger than the ones
from Code 3? I don't think MR has made an AT-ST yet.

The bigger the better I say.

JS :)


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LOL yeh its an AT ST

Hey Division6 didn't realise you hang out in here, yeah i've got the chronicles and its a great use, I have most of the common parts but the legs seem to be a bit of a mystery so i can see this being a great challenge...

division 6

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I skip by here once or twice a week.

I really need to get back into building models.
I have a Brodeen 31" Nautilus that needs to be built.

Anyhow can't think of any other sources off hand accept maybe one of the Starship modeling sites.

I'll be keeping an eye on this though. ;)

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Did you ever see the MLC Scout Walker? I dont think its "accurate" to the T but it is huge. You can put a 12" ATST driver in the cockpit.


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Hi all, please forgive my ignorance, but I can't seem to find the thread re. the Studio Scale AT-ST. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am interested in starting one after I finish my SS Tie Bomber. Cheers, Chris