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Jun Austria

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My old booth just died and cannot get a new motor. Also my old booth cannot fit a 1/350 enterprise if I start building on this.
I paint using Acrylic. But I still prime and clean my airbrush with lacquer.

So I bought 2 of this....


Just wondering if anybody here use this booth without extracting the air/fume outside. Just using the particle filter and carbon filter combined.
The reason I ask, my extraction point from the new spray booth to the outside is too far. And its a upward direction might not be strong enough for the fan.


So I'm hoping for the carbon filter (still on the way) to take care the fume. And I just circulate the air inside my work room.
And to be sure. I also ordered this...


The mask also contain a carbon filter.

So anybody here use there booth without extraction hose?
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I have had this exact booth for about a year now and it works great. I usually don't have it vented out the window but I do at least keep the hose attached so that it isn't blowing right where I am working. A word of advice, the hose that comes with it is sturdy but a bitch to route anywhere without a ton of space. I ended up just getting a cheap dryer vent hose and using that instead for more flexibility.

I paint using acrylic, enamel, lacquer, even spray paint. As long as you are spraying anything crazy hazardous, it works just fine to keep the fumes down and the paint from going all over.

James M

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I got one of these recently. I discovered that there was a big gap between the fan housing and the backplate because the plate that holds them together was fitted backwards (the raised areas have to face outward to make a seal) It seems to work better now, so it's worth checking.


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I have that booth. Not expensive and it's very portable. Very decent size booth for the money. If I recall correctly, you can actually combine two of them to increase booth capacity. Well worth the money.
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