SpaceX - Starship 24 - 3D PRINTED in Shiny Metallic Silk Silver PLA with something different too....


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A while back, I spent about a week and a half Designing and Modeling a version of Ship 24 STARSHIP and I wanted it to be a bit different then the original STL file found on THINGIVERSE.
It is remodeled to be just over 18.5" tall and was created in 27 parts (not including the BASE STAND, all individually printed and assembled like a kit from the olden days of model building.
This particular version is "one of a kind" and quite unique in it's purpose.
Here is a quick video of it's "special purpose" on my YOUTUBE channel.


  • Starship printed in several parts 2 - 18in. tall SMALLER.jpg
    Starship printed in several parts 2 - 18in. tall SMALLER.jpg
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Love the work and features you put into that model, well done!

So... The Everyday Astronaut web site has a Black Friday sale for their all metal Falcon 9 model:

SpaceX store announced a Beautiful bottom stage and upper stage metal model that is really a super piece, BUT, expensive.
Bottom stage alone cost $ 499:

The upper stage another $ 300.

Absolutely incredible together though:

Been fighting leukemia for the last 15 months, been in the hospital; for three weeks this year, so my budget is getting shot. Otherwise I would have been all over this. Stunner of a model.

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