space 1999 stun gun question


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IMG_1441[1].JPG Little something new


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I've seen the concept drawing for the stun gun but have never seen a concept for the commlock. They are both pleasing design updates. It'll be interesting to see how they build up.


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My set. The Commlock has an MP3 in it so you can show video or pics on the screen. The MP3 functions are controlled by the keypad. The Stun gun has illumination (more than was used on the show) and a low output laser when set to Kill projecting from the top emitter when you push the trigger button.

CommLockKeys.jpg Set.jpg FiringGlow.jpg


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Well the guns in general. Why would someone want a replica and not an original?

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What exactly are you referring to? Helps to add quotes since numerous topics are referenced in any given thread. I'm presuming you're talking about the emitters.

Well the guns in general. Why would someone want a replica over an original?


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Can anyone here tell me if the Space 1999 stun gun nozzles are found items?


I have an original stun gun from 1999, that was in the Space city Exhibition in Blackpool circa 1977. The nozzles are steel and definitely not ready existing items. They are made specifically for the gun.

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Hi guys, I know all about these stun guns and commlocks. View attachment 578918 View attachment 578917 View attachment 578916
I can get you hooked up with whatever you need. The emitters are aluminum and the commlock and stun gun are resin and damned near perfect. These are 10 times better than the original props!

I've got an original gun from Space 1999 and the side round dials are made of wood and sprayed chrome finish. At least on the one I have.


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So are the inside of a drum lug, made of steel, and look just like them

True, but the emitters are made for the guns. The sloping backs, all of differing angles show that they are shaped to go on to a flat, sloping surface. They are also hollow, they do not have a back. When you look directly front- on, you can see the wood of the gun THROUGH the emitter. There is no back to them. They are drilled straight through. The wood of the gun is painted the matching colour (red, green, yellow, blue), and the emitter palced over it, so the coloured part is visible. Hope that is clear?
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